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Lauren teaches anatomy and biomechanics to yoga and movement-based studios, Yoga Teacher Training Programs, Retreat Centers and at her home studio. Here are some of the Anatomy/Biomechanics based trainings that Lauren offers. These programs can be taken separately or together and tailored to your studios’/ trainings’ needs as far as hours, amount of content, and relevance to the studio/program. They are a blend of lecture and movement and help the student to gain both a kinesthetic and practical understanding of the construction of the body

Anatomy of breath
*What is the Respiratory Diaphragm? How is it constructed?
*What are the connections between the diaphragm and the spine, the abdominal muscles, the Psoas and other postural muscles?
*What is a belly breath?
*What is “correct” breathing?
*How do imbalances in our structure affect the breath and visa versa?

The 3-dimensional Spine
*What is the construction of the spine (spinal curves, vertebrae, discs, processes, etc)  and why is it constructed this way?
*How does the anatomy and construction of the spine affect our other body parts?
*Human evolution of the spine
*Common imbalances and misunderstanding of the spine
*Creating and finding support in the spine

Feet are Fundamental
*Unique architecture of the foot and how this architecture supports the weight of the whole body
*Optimal path of weight through the feet from the rest of the body to ensure maximum integrity of the body
*What is healthy gait?
*How does what happens in the feet travel upwards and affect the rest of the body?
*When things go wrong- common problems that occur in the feet (bunions, plantar fasciitis, unstable ankles, etc)
*What are fallen arches and are they really as bad as we think?

Knee Joint Mechanics
*How is the knee joint constructed?
*What are the bones of knee joint and major ligaments
*Understanding the meniscus, its role in supporting the body and how it can be harmed
*Proper and Appropriate knee alignment

Pelvis and Core
*Bones of the hip joint
*Path of weight in through the pelvis in sitting and standing
*SI joint and understanding the complexity of the joint and how to maintain integrity
*Pelvic floor- muscles of the pelvic floor, how the pelvic floor supports us, importance of an integrated and

Strong pelvic floor
*Proper and Appropriate Alignment of the Pelvis
*What does core really mean? Myths and Realities
*How does Alignment affect the core musculature
*Maintaining a healthy core for total body support

Shoulder Girdle Mechanics
*Understanding the unique construction of the most flexible joint in the body
*What is the rotator cuff and how is it designed to support the joint?
*How can we use our arms to best support us in weight bearing poses?
*When things go wrong and some ways to heal the rotator cuff

For a list of Yoga courses and workshops offered to Studios and/or Retreat centers please visit the Workshops page.

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