Lauren is a life-loving, yoga-practicing, travel-addict who relishes in good food, good company, and lots of laughing. She is an irreverent, witty, down-to-earth free-spirit who loves anatomy, biomechanics, community, learning, sharing and being real. Lauren is known for her ability to “see” her clients and customize classes for people of all ages and types.

Since 1998 Lauren has been studying anatomy, kinesiology and movement and through these studies and her own explorations on the mat, Lauren has developed a style of teaching that helps students sense and understand their structure which in turn fosters a deeper sense of balance and health. Many people turn to Lauren for therapeutic reasons as well as seeking ways to prevent chronic pain and injury. Lauren teaches anatomy and biomechanics to yoga and movement-based studios, Yoga Teacher Training Programs, Retreat Centers and at her home studio. Some of the Anatomy/Biomechanics based trainings that Lauren offers can be found on the Trainings page. These programs can be taken separately or together and tailored to your studios’/ trainings’ needs as far as hours, amount of content, and relevance to the studio/program. They are a blend of lecture and movement and help the student to gain both a kinesthetic and practical understanding of the construction of the body.

Lauren has had many inspiring guides past and present. She is especially grateful to Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews at the Breathing Project.